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POS Terminals

Pinnacle Payment Services, Inc., utilizes POS terminals such as the FD 100ti and FD 410 as well as new EMV Smart Card terminals like the FD 130 and VX 520. We also supply the FD 100TI and FD35, VX 805 and PAX S300 pin pad with EMV and contactless payment.

Mobile and contactless payment

For our clients that need wireless mobile terminals we offer the FD 410 and Clover Mobile.  We also offer dual com terminals to accommodate Apple Pay, Visa Pay Wave and Samsung Pay as well as other forms of contactless payment options.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Expand your customer base with gift cards and increase you customer loyalty with our customizable loyalty card program.  

Software and Computer POS Systems

We are currently compatible with most major software systems such as, Aloha, Digital Dinning, Sun Smart Solutions, Clover, Future POS, PC America, and many others.  

We also can work with Payeezy, GGe4, and Authorize.net for E commerce virtual terminals and payment gateways. All B2B transactions utilize level 3 processing to ensure the lowest rates.

Exclusive Member Benefits: Putting our network to work for you.

All Pinnacle clients can receive additional exclusive member savings with the following services:

  1. Electric and Natural Gas supply
  2. LED lighting and Solar generation retrofitting 
  3. National pricing from major food vendors.
  4. Commercial lending
  5. Legal services
  6. Payroll and HR systems